Pricing for Repair Work

I will repair your ESL's for you. The most common problems I see are treble panel damage and power supply problems. The view that I adopt is that I will only repair what needs doing. If I find a very minor problem with something I will not repair it but I will detail this fault in my service report (service reports are only provided on request).

These prices are for general guidance. I actually price each speaker on a per speaker basis. It is important to stress that the customer is responsible for shipping the speaker. Unless you have the original packaging I would not advise the use of a courier - they don't know how to handle them properly. I would always suggest delivering them yourself.

New Treble Panel Diaphragm Fitted and Tested125 each
New Bass Panel Diaphragm Fitted and Tested125 each
New Treble Panel Dust Covers Fitted40 per panel
New Bass Panel Dust Covers Fitted40 per panel
Fit Protection Circuits20 per speaker
Fit New Power Supply20 per speaker
Refurbish Power Supply25 each, 35 pair

NOTE (1) : All new parts are now sold by Quad in Germany. No new parts are sold by Quad UK. All parts for the speakers are available but at a price. Since the Germans have taken over prices in most cases seem to have doubled. New grills for example were £90/pair from Quad UK. These are available from Quad in Germany for 110 each.

NOTE (2) : The prices above are non negotiable. If a treble panels gone its 125 and not a penny less. This price or any of the other prices does not include postage/carriage or packing. It has really got on my nerves that I provide this service which has taken a lot of time and effort to get good results only for people to start haggling over the price. Basically if you start to haggle over prices I may take an indefinite time to complete the work.

NOTE (3) : I am now offering a service where I will replace all internal high voltage cable AND all crossover components. The cable is replaced with silver plated annealed copper wire rated at 9kV. The crossover components are replaced with modern high spec resistors and caps. Its worth having this done as the original ceramic resistors which Quad used are prone to failure. Please enquire for pricing.

I am located near to J11 of the M25 so getting to my place should be easy.. To arrange a delivery its best to email me first and we can take things from there.

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