Dreams (or should that be Nightmares) - A Warning.....

Having recently moved into my new house I decided that I would take advantage of the new year sales and buy myself a new bed. After all, 3 months on an inflatable matress is long enough.

So I took myself up to Staines to visit Dreams (a well known UK bed superstore). The staff in the shop were very pleasant and very quickly identified what I wanted and got it ordered. As everything was coming from stock I had to pay there and then. No problem I thought. I was told I would get them delivered in 7 days time. The date I ordered my bed was 30 December 2004.

First hickup was on the day of delivery. As I had a couple of weeks off work on holiday, getting up to expect a phone call anytime between 8.30 and 11.00 was hard. So 11 o'clock came and passed and I thought fair enough I will phone them after lunch. Then it occurred to me I had given them my mobile phone number. Being at home I didnt have it switched on. I turned it on and yes, there was a message waiting for me - "Cant deliver, out of stock". this is when I made my first mistake. I decided to wait for them to contact me. WRONG !!! If you find yourself in this position I would strngly suggest you give them a week and then start phoning them to find out where your goods have got to.

Fast forward to 27 January 2005 (being 4 weeks after I ordered it) and I decided to phone them. I phoned the shop and the response was "Well, everything is in stock. I cant see why they havent delivered. Would next Wednesday be OK ?". So they had it in stock and just forgotten to deliver (delivery was a 25 charge). I naturally said yes.

So its Wednesday 2nd February, I'm at work (as normal) and I'm waiting for the call to tell me its on the way. I get the phone call just before 12 noon, I drive home and meet the delivery drivers at my front door. Everything is offloaded, taken upstairs and we all leave. Trouble is I now have mud all up my stair carpets from one of the delivery men. Oh well, at least its arrived. I get home after work, start unpacking everything and I notice the headboard has a wooden dowel pin fitted in one of the holes. Well, I can live with that but then I notice the endboard also has a hole with a dowel pin fitted but its snapped off and I cant pull it out. I start to think someone else has had this before me. I then unpack the siderails and I notice they have tongues on the ends of them for locating into slots on the headboard/endboard. Except there arent any slots which means I cant assemble it. So after having waited 1 day short of 5 weeks I cant assemble what has finally been delivered. I have mud up my cream stair carpet and worst of all I had let all the air out of my inflattable bed. So I have to re-inflate it and make it again.

The following day I phone the shop, tell them the story and tell me they will re-order me a complete new frame. They tell me the depot will phone me to confirm the order and when I should expect delivery. Of course, I get no phone call.

Tuesday 8th February. So I decide to phone the depot. After what seems like hours waiting for someone to answer the phone I get to speak to someone. She tells me as far as they are concerned the orders complete and nothing else needs doing. So I ask if there's anything about replacing defective parts and apparently there isnt. So I tell the story again and she sais "I will get it re-ordered for you, we dont have them in stock, we dont know when they are coming in".

Its now 10th February and no phone call to redeliver yet. The saga continues.......

The only thing I am sure about is that due the recent bankruptcy of Allders and Courts I will be keeping a close eye on the calendar. On 27 February it will be 60 days after the transaction went through on my credit card. This is important as any claims against a supplier must be made within the 60 day limit.

UPDATE - 27 February

I finally got the parts swapped out for side rails which fit properly. I start eagerly putting it together only to discover I was a dowel pin short. So having waited 2 months for this thing to be delivered I am now 1 wooden dowel pin away from assembling it properly. I finish assembling it all the same and take a well earned lie down.

I have phoned the shop again to get them to post an additional dowel pin to me. Lets see how long it takes....

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