Andy's Equipment - Reviews and Spec Sheets

Here is a table containing scans or links to reviews or spec sheets for the HiFi which I currently own. If you have anything which fills any of the gaps, please let me know.

DescriptionReviewSpec SheetMy Comments
Marantz CD94 CD Player Brief Review of CD94 65 Kbytes
Complete Review of CD94 165 Kbytes
Not Available very good transport
Marantz CDA94 DA Converter Not Available Complete Spec Sheet of CD94 and CDA94
Page 1 79 Kbytes
Page 2 162 Kbytes
Page 3 131 Kbytes
Page 4 147 Kbytes
Page 5 141 Kbytes
Page 6 188 Kbytes
excellent DA converter
Nakamichi BX300e Tape Deck Complete Review of BX300 166 Kbytes Spec Sheet from Catalogue 107 Kbytes very good machine
Nakamichi CR-7e Tape Deck Picture of CR-7e Spec Table from back of Nakamichi Catalogue superlatives fail me
THE BEST, bar none
Audio Innovations Series 1000 Amps L2 Pre-Amp and Series 1000 Monoblock Valve Amps 526 Kbytes Series 1000 Spec Sheet excellent valve amps
QUAD ESL 63 Speakers not available not available excellent speakers
QUAD ESL 57 Speakers Review from HiFi News 1957
Short review from HiFi answers 143 Kbytes
not available excellent speakers
Silver Sounds 12/3 Interconnect Silver Sounds 12/3 Interconnect leads 42 Kbytes not available transparent cable
Silver Sounds 12/2 Speaker Cable Silver Sounds 12/2 Speaker Cable 41 Kbytes not available transparent cable

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