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Sorry for the tardy reply, I have been away. The speaker is fine now, it seems a little more sensitive than the other one but I cannot tell any difference between the two responses but probably your young ears would. You did a great job cleaning the front grille, it is noticeably different to the other, what did you use? Perhaps you could make it plain in your reply to other enquiries what you are actually doing for the 100, it would save other people turning up with the whole unit. I am pleased I did though as the extras you did were exactly what I wanted. Best wishes for your future endeavours.


Bill Seymour

WOW - I hadn't heard that before !!!

Steve Harris, Editor HiFi News and Record Review

Hi Andrew,

Just a quick note to say a really big 'Thank you' for your great work on the speaker. It has been very much admired by both myself and a professional musician friend of mine. She confirms that many of her musician associates still prefer the old ESL's!

As predicted, this has shown up the deficiency in the other speaker which although works well enough at low volumes, begins to distort (I suspect arc) when the volume is increased.

I know you are busy, but perhaps you could let me know when you could squeeze this one in?

Many thanks again, I fully appreciate the work you put in and the very generous concession on the price...any time you want an old Jag fixed, let me know!

best regards,

Tim Burns.


This is a short note to thank you for the superb work you did on the ESL 57s. They have been connected up to the Quad 77 integrated amplifier and the Quad 77 mains CD player and sound marvelous. We have had them on most of the weekend and enjoyed them so much that we have set them up permanently in the other room pushing the dining table aside! Thank you once again for a great job.

Best regards, John Borkowski.

A cautionary tale of what happens when you use transistor amplifiers. This is a customer who lives in Belgium which makes repairs somewhat difficult. The original repair work involved 2 new treble panels, 2 refurbished power supplies, 2 new protection circuits and a pair of re sprayed front grilles.


Season's greetings to you !

You will not believe this ! I wish I could not either....

I had just got the speaker back from the UK and plugged it in. I could not try it at any significant volume as it was late at night and Gaby was settling the children. I was switching the power amplifier on to try the speaker the next morning and I switched the A/AB power selector by mistake as I went to locate the power switch and the unit must have been holding a significant charge as there was a flash and the power amplifier died. (It is an Avance Z501 unit by Luxkit - transistor amplifier).

I waited until this weekend and got my Quad 33/303 set-up down from the loft and set about re-wiring the system.

The right hand speaker....the one that had the faulty now sounding terrible. I assume that the discharge must have been one channel blowing up and it has wrecked the speaker. I have swapped the speaker to the other channel and it still sounds terrible whilst the other speaker sounds good in both positions.

I wondered if you feel up to repairing it again ?

I can drop it off over the Christmas period........

I realise that the cost is now close to replacement value for the ESL's but the alternative is an unknown set of ESL 63's or a big dent in the bank balance for the new set ! That will clearly require new amplifier etc. so I think the repair is a good option for now as Santa has other thinks to supply first.

Please let me know if you can fit it into your schedule !




Had a quick listen last night - terrific! I will report in more detail later.

Clive Glover

Morning Andrew,

Just to say thank you!!

Before your magic touch i was wondering what all the hype was with quad electrostatics, now i know!!

Considering it is only a hobby for you your professionalism in the quality of refurb is superb!



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