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This is a list of music which for me has the undefinable "it". Everyone is different and so are each persons preferences. For me the vast majority of my music collection is made up of Blues. From Jimi Hendrix to ZZ Top, Howlin Wolf, Freddie King, BB King, Albert King and Peter Green. So in no particular order (because I just couldn't give any order to my most favoured discs) here it is.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:...The Primary Phase OK OK, so this isn't music but it has two things which make it stand out for me. Firstly its funny. Douglas Adams's brilliance was taking something which most of us do (hitch hiking) and applying it to a totally different environment (the galaxy). What sort of mind comes up with the idea that all you need to survive in space is a towel ? What sort of logic is that ? Secondly, what makes me remember these discs is Peter Jones's voice. He was the narrator of the book and hearing his voice through the ESL 57 is something to behold. I use it as one of my reference test discs. If you put the first disc in and play it, it starts off with the intro music. This is a short extract from an Eagles track but its just so obvious that its heavily compressed and that it originally came from vinyl LP. Then Peter Jones starts up. I think his voice is perfect. You hear what he is saying but he also has a low frequency component in his voice which has great impact. This is what I use as one of my reference test tracks when I repair ESL's. What a great shame then that both Douglas Adams and Peter Jones are no longer with us. They will both be sadly missed.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:...The Secondary Phase....this carries on where the above finishes. While not quite as memorable as the first discs above its still good entertainment.

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